CheyAnne officially launched Shine Athleisure about 1 year ago. Her first production order was for 100 black leggings. Since then they’ve added 2 more legging colorways, a sports bra, a tank top, and… something new currently in the works. Keep reading to learn more about how she’s built this Athleisure business.

Shine Athleisure

Describe your brand in one sentence:

Shine Athleisure provides top of the line, high quality products, at a lower price point.

What inspired you to start Shine Athleisure?

I have always loved workout clothes and been an active person. When I was younger I would buy from Nike and Under Armor a lot. As I got older I started purchasing from more online brands like Gymshark and Alo. I started to get frustrated that the really high quality activewear pieces were so expensive, but when I shopped less expensive brands either the products would be lacking or the customer service would be lacking. I was still spending around $50-$60 on one piece of active wear so it was frustrating to feel like the company wasn’t meeting my needs. I knew I wasn’t the only person who was frustrated about this kind of thing, so Shine Athleisure was born.

What is the best thing about owning your own business?

I think one of the best things about owning my own business is the learning process. I have always loved learning, and owning a business is a constant process of trying to learn things. This can be overwhelming at times, but I try to remember to just take it one thing at a time!

I also think it’s really rewarding to see people happy in their bodies, whether that’s wearing my leggings or not. That’s why Shine Athleisure is a big advocate for wellness in all areas of life!

Yoga in the Park with Shine Athleisure

There are a lot of leggings on the market, What makes Shine Athleisure unique?

Shine Athleisure is unique because we are providing high quality products at a lower price point. We are creating athleisure wear that will make you feel good inside and outside of the gym, and the products will last you years. Not only are we doing that, but we are also providing value in all areas of wellness. We like to host yoga classes, partner with cooking class, and hoping to make a mental health series with a professional soon!

What is your favorite thing about leggings? (this is our favorite question!)

I think my favorite thing about leggings is the same as everyone else, they are so comfy! I love the flexibility and comfort that leggings provide. You can also dress them up or dress them down. When working out in leggings, I love when they are breathable and sweat wicking. I do yoga a lot so I also need my leggings to move and stretch with me really well. If you love all those things too, you definitely need to check out the Shine Athleisure leggings 😊

Your passion for wellness is evident in all the content you publish, so we want to know- What’s your best fitness tip?

My best fitness tip is to do what is accessible to you, the individual. For some people, hitting the gym everyday or making it to yoga class in the morning is possible. Others may not have the time. So fit in exercise where you can and do what you can! I used to walk the stairs in my old job (15 floors of them) at lunch time. The next job, I would take a 2 mile walk on lunch. Now that I work from home, I get up early to attend yoga classes. I don’t think fitness has to be hard or complicated to be effective. Start with how much time you have in the day, and then figure out what kind of exercise you can fit in!

What’s next for Shine Athleisure?

We have been working on a new product and more sizes for our current products. We’re also hoping to have a mental health series published on YouTube this year. It’s really exciting to be able to bring new things to my community and provide more value!

shine athleisure

Be sure to check them out and stay tuned for what’s next!