We are an industrious team fueled by fashion, and a bit of coffee, producing high quality activewear in the Pacific NW.  Started ten years ago, out of a tiny 250 sq. ft. business center; JLD-Studios is now a full service US Clothing Manufacturer and Development Resource for fashion brands of all sizes.

Our Motto: Get Shit Done!

From our designers to our sewers, we are a team of highly motivated individuals working in a creative space that encourages ingenuity and copious amounts of caffeine.  From the day we started a foundation was built on a commitment to customers in quality, speed and communication.

Today we enjoy working through the development process with all points of contact in one building.  There is no lag in the communication between our patternmaker and the team sewing the garment.  Our textile designers are able to print their designs directly on fabric and understand how the pattern will perform.  We take pride in being a low-minimum US Clothing Manufacturer dedicated to the entire product life cycle.

A note from our founder:

10 years! I can’t believe we’re there.  It’s been a somewhat bumpy road, but were thankfully going into this anniversary on a high note.  I like to compare business ownership to a rollercoaster- but we’ll save that for another time.

Before we dig in, I want to say thank you!  To our clients, the hardworking team that keeps JLD-Studios going every day, plus the friends and family who have definitely lent a hand over the years.  We would not be hitting this milestone without you!

There are a few questions that I’m asked frequently.  I love answering them! Every time I do, I’m reminded of the reasons I started JLD and my personal passions.  The latter of which can derail us just as easily as contribute to our success. One of the many things that make this rollercoaster worth riding.  Here we go-

Why did you start JLD?  The original business started out of experience.  I had been working in the fashion industry for a number of years and recently moved across the country.  Never one to sit still, I started picking up freelance clients and had a little business going before I knew it.  JLD-Studios started with print and apparel design.  After a few years in business, serving many apparel brands, I saw those brands struggle to produce the designs we had made.   Manufacturers either weren’t taking them seriously or the minimums were too high.  After a lot of research and personal frustration, I decided to rise to this challenge.  The factory side of the business was launched.  Seven years later we are still dedicated to serving those small and emerging brands. We’re constantly working to be the go-to US Clothing Manufacturer for new activewear brands. Creating an environment that makes fashion accessible in a clear and simple way.

Serving this community is not always easy.  The budgets are smaller.  The timeframes are stretched out as many clients have full time jobs they’re working around.  Fits and starts are not unusual.  Which brings us to our next big question: Why Leggings?  In order to serve this community, we needed to find ways to make up for the obstacles.  Focusing on one product category allowed us to become SME’s.  This way we can develop and produce pieces more quickly and efficiently, even with small quantities.

Question #3, Is a variation on Can you make X? Can you make anything other than leggings?  Finally, the answer is yes!  We’re slowly branching out into other product categories by building off the processes we’ve learned with leggings.  We can now also make sportsbras, joggers, sweatshirts, and a handful of other active and athleisure pieces.  We still won’t take on your button-down shirt, ski jacket, or handbag.  But who knows what the future will bring!

What can I say?  We’re celebrating 10 years in business!  And I can’t wait to see what the next 10 brings.

thanks from the founder of our us clothing factory
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