We’ve got the answers to your most urgent questions about legging manufacturing with JLD-Studios:

 Q: What types of clothes do you specialize in making?

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A: This is a great question and excellent place to start! Each factory specializes in different types of garments. We specialize in leggings and similar styles in activewear and athleisure.  Think sportsbras, shorts, and skorts as long as they are made out of  knit fabric.

Q: I am new to the fashion industry. Where do I get started?

A: You’re at the right place! We offer services in apparel design, dye sublimation, and small batch manufacturing; specialized for small and emerging brands! In order to move from concept to production you will need a few things. A tech pack, a graded garment pattern, and an approved sales sampleContact us to get this process started.

Q: What is a tech pack? If I have a sketch, do I need one?

A: Short answer? It is HIGHLY recommended, regardless of where you manufacture. JLD-Studios does require a tech pack for all manufacturing services and can help you create one.
A tech pack is essentially a blueprint for the garment. It shows your factory how the garment is supposed to look, including intricate construction details, how big/small the garment is supposed to be, which fabric and what type of stitch you would like, and many other product specific details. While some factories do not require a tech pack, it would be like assembling 20 pieces of IKEA furniture without any instructions…. technically you could do it, but would you want to sit on that piece of furniture?

Q: What is a pattern? Does artwork count?

A: Patterns refer to a few different things. In apparel it can refer to the pieces used to cut out fabric for assembly as well as the printed design on the material.  Since we develop both forms at JLD-Studios, we are generally referring to the former when we say pattern.  All of our patternmaking is done digitally, which gives a lot of flexibility for grading, marker making, and later renditions.  For artwork or textile print info, please visit our Custom Apparel Prints page.


Q: I have a design idea, how can I send it to you?

A: We’d love to learn more about your ideas!  Fill out this short form and we’ll contact you.

Q: What are your minimums?

A: We have low minimums starting at 24 units per style/per color.  As it is our passion to see you succeed, we recommend keeping your first production order somewhere between 24 and 100 units per style. If you are in need of additional units, we are happy to further discuss your production plans.  We have capacity to produce over 2000 units per month.

Q: What do you need in order to estimate production pricing?

A: Send us an email with your technical package and an image of your garment sample or previous production.  Also advise on the following:

  • do you have fabric sourced?
  • are patterns digital?
  • are patterns graded?
  • Estimated production quantities per style/per color

Production Services

Q: What are your average lead times?

A: Samples typically take 2-3 weeks, with full production services at 8-12 weeks. The clock starts once all materials are in-house.

Q: If I give you this garment, could you copy it for us?

A: While we are happy to work through a market sample(s) for fit inspiration and/or design inspiration, we do not design or produce replicas of existing designs. This is your opportunity to make something special for your customer and create a product they can’t get somewhere else.

Q: I am working on having my design patented. Will you sign my NDA?

A: We sign NDAs when it incorporates a new form of technology, proprietary fabric or construction method not currently on the market. Please be sure to email us: info@jld-studios.com, if you have any questions regarding this policy.

Now that you’ve gotten a crash course in our services and general industry terms, drop us a note and let’s get your project started. 

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Please keep in mind we do not currently manufacturer soft accessories, bedding/home goods, intimates, denims/leathers, socks/hats, or evening/bridalwear.