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The following HOW TO GUIDE will make navigating the collection easy. Quickly sift through the designs and find the print you’re looking for. Keep reading to learn more or sign in now to start browsing.

Here are some quick links to get you going:


SIGN UP: To gain access to our print collection you need to request a membership. It’s easy to sign up. Our form requires some basic information for us to learn more about your brand and print needs.

After completing the form, please allow 1-2 days for review. You’ll be notified via email when your account has been approved. The login in will not work prior to this.

LOG IN: Once you receive the registration email, login with email and password. The webpage will immediately open to the JLD Digital Print Collection.


Want to buy a print outright? Click “Purchase” at the top left of the page. PURCHASED DESIGNS are only sold once, all rights are transferred to the buyer.

LICENSED DESIGNS are prints that can be licensed from JLD for a one-time fee, allowing you to utilize the print for all your design needs. These prints cost less than Purchased Designs and may be bought by multiple brands. Click on “Licensed” to browse this category. If currently unlicensed, these designs may also be purchased with exclusive rights.


New prints are being added regularly! Click the ALL tag at the top to view the entire print collection. To see the most recent additions, click NEW.

Over on the left side there is a menu with several categories broken down into different searchable groups. If you get lost at any point, click on the JLD icons at the top of the page to get back here.

AREA is a demographic breakdown. Need prints for a specific market like kids or mens? Selecting one of these categories will narrow the field.

STORY are the main print themes. Example: floral, stripes, paisley, abstract, etc. Click one of these boxes and the browsable selection will be only those designated artworks. The more stories you select the more narrow the results become. Stories not necessarily in alphabetical order.

WANT TO GET MORE SPECIFIC? There were over 100 floral prints at last count. The search bar at the top of the page allows you to search by keywords. Examples would be roses, celestial, or distressed. The dropdown menu will help guide you in the terminology we use. Each print is tagged with these searchable terms to help identity the design characteristics such as motif description, layout, hand, and color. The more keywords used the more selective the results will be.


Simply click on the print you’re interested in. This opens a new window that shows additional images, details on price, file type, if the design is in repeat, colorways, and so on. If you’re interested in the design snap it up by clicking Add to Basket or save it to review later with Add to Pinboard.

Inside this window you can also see related prints. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see more offerings of a similar nature.

Under the buttons ‘Add to Basket/Add to Pinboard’ are some handy tags. By clicking on these you can see more related prints categorized with the same keyword. Remember, if you’re lost in a rabbit hole- the JLD icon at the top of the page will take you back to the main catalog.


At the top right of the page there are 3 buttons that allow you to access your pinboard, basket, or downloads of purchased prints.

The Pinboard allows you to make and view your own custom collection sourced from JLD prints. Easily add as you browse then come back and review to make final selections.

Click on the push pin icon to view your selections. There are options to make new boards or add to an existing board. You can make up to 10 boards, allowing plenty of space to categorize buying decisions by season, product, or trend.

Pins can be added two ways; The Add to Pinboard button on the individual print page, or while your browsing the catalog. There is a little pin and basket icon below each design.

No time to browse? Send JLD your inspiration and they can create a custom pinboard and share it right to your account.


To make your purchase click “Add to Basket” or click the small basket icon under each print in the main catalogue.

To License a print, first select how the print will be used. Then add to basket.

Ready to check out? Click on the basket icon in the top left of the screen and proceed through the steps.

Since we also print fabric we can provide swatches of each design. We include this service with all purchased prints (does not apply to licensed designs). If you do not need a swatch we’ll provide a $25 discount on your purchase. Select YES for discount, NO if you need a swatch.

Next click Payment & Delivery Button. This will bring up 2 options, Pay by Invoice or Pay by PayPal.

Pay by Invoice: please confirm all personal information for billing and shipping. After you click Pay you’ll receive the following message with order #. We’ll follow up with an invoice for payment.

Pay by PayPal: their standard payment processing options appear. Follow those steps accordingly.


Once payment has been received we’ll send the swatch if applicable and files will be available for download in your account. Click on the download symbol to see the approval status of your print purchases.

When the artwork is ready the download button will be highlighted. Click to retrieve the artwork. To save space we only have one colorway available for download. If you’d like the other colorways or need assistance recoloring the artwork, Email us anytime.