Garment patterns are the key ingredient to fit and styling. More returns happen because of fit issues than any other reason, especially among online sales. A well fit garment will also be worn more often and spend less time in your customers closet, increasing brand awareness and follow-up sales.

Patternmaking Mannequin

Apparel Patternmaking Services Include:

– Digital Pattern
– Fit Adjustments

Following your fit direction, we will draft apparel patterns in Optitex from the start. This will cut down on digitizing cost that can be incurred with hand drafting. We will also have the flexibility to make fluid adjustments and still maintain delivery deadlines.

Pattern Fit Meeting

Once you’ve received a first proto for fabric and fit approval we will work with you on any needed adjustments to get the fit right. Whether you are using our Production Services, or another’s, we will be in direct communication, eliminating downtime and miscommunication.

Lastly, once the fit has been approved we can also provide grading. This is always done digitally and the files will be sent as a .pdf, .dxf, .ai, or .pds depending on your factories needs.

Before patterns are begun it is important to first establish a fit and spec for each garment. If you have not already perused our Technical Design Services, please do so. By working with you from this step we will be more familiar with your brand and pattern making needs.