apparel manufacturing processThe Apparel Manufacturing Process can be somewhat daunting. If we’ve designed your line we’ll stay on to help you navigate through this process. Our design team will be on hand throughout sampling and production to answer any questions that arise.

This support is designed to help you navigate the sometimes overwhelming course development can take throughout the apparel manufacturing process. It can also allow you more time to focus on sales leads while we make sure your product is made to the specifications laid out.

We have a network of manufacturers and factories that specialize in different types of garments. Even when simply screenprinting blanks, unexpected questions seem to come up that you may not be prepared for. If we prepared the artwork we are more prepared to answer these questions. By simply forwarding us an email or putting us in direct communication with your factory we can cut down on lead time and keep the process moving.

It goes without saying, the more complex the development the more questions your factory will have. No matter how detailed a tech pack, a conversation with the designer can help your factory better understand what is needed.

We offer this service as a follow up to our design and technical support. Along with our partners on the manufacturing side we work to help you bring a quality product to market.