Tennis CapriA tech pack is the blueprint of your garment.  To have legging created to match your vision you need a technical package to lay out the details. It will answer all the manufactures questions about materials, types of stitching, trim placement, measurements, and any other product specifics.  One package is created per design or style of leggings.

While designing your product we explore many creative outlets without ever losing sight of the end goal. Production is taken into account throughout the course of development. This enables us to finish the project with detailed and accurate technical design packages for sampling and production.  While our manufacturing specialty is knitwear, we have experience creating technical packages for a wide range of products.

JLD Technical Design Packages Include:

– Construction Details
– Trim Specifications and Location
– Garment Specs (Measurements)
– Bill of Materials

As a garment manufacturer we can personally attest to the importance of these tech packs.  Our team references them at every touch point while making leggings.  From checking the print scale and label placement to sewing on the waistband.  Every detail is outlined and available for the production team.

Technical Design Package

To start the technical package development process, email us sketches or images of your design concepts.