Over the past few years we’ve had the opportunity to work with Textile Industry expert Pat Nugent of Patricia Nugent Design & Textiles on many occasions. She provides an invaluable resource for designers looking to add unique textiles and embellishments to their collection.Read More →

The fashion world lost an incredible soul yesterday. Designer Oscar de la Renta passed away at 82. We’ll remember him the only way we know how: to marvel at the beauty he created throughout his life. Oscar de la Renta, a name everyone says with an certain air in their voice changed the way the world saw American fashion; never sacrificing his vision. Everything he created was unapologeticallyRead More →

After using the mandarin collar as our term of the day, I thought, why not explore it more for the week’s throwback thursday. If you’re looking to create something that is simple but still has some interest, this type of collar can give your garment an unexpected update. The mandarin collar is a short unfolded stand-up collar style on a shirt or jacket (as seen above). It has been known to have a number of precarious names such asRead More →

Today, we don’t even bat an eyelash whenever we see women’s trousers. But throughout most of Western History women mainly wore skirts. And not just any skirts either; they were multi-layered, floor length and often came with a cage crinoline or bustles (depending on the era). For hundreds of years wealthy and impoverished women alike had worn these heavy floor length dresses. Eventually, they became more of burden than luxury.Read More →

Call me biased, but I love everything Kenzo. There’s just something about the cool, edgy label that satisfies all my weird fashion cravings. Over the weekend, Kenzo presented at Paris Fashion Week. The show took place at a skate park near Paris’ Périphérique. Humberto Leon and Carol Lim have been known for wearing their political views up their sleeves. So, it was no surprise that before the show started there was an avatar repeating in various languages,Read More →

Denim is the classic staple every person needs (has) in their closet. Whether it’s blue jeans or a denim jacket, it works with anything and is always in style. That’s why for this throwback thursday we’re taking a look at where it all came from. Denim has been used since the late 18th century. It is said that the twill cotton fabric’s nameRead More →

Milan Fashion Week is currently underway and one of the Fashion Industry’s icons, Giorgio Armani, entranced us with flowing neutrals and animal prints. Safari Elegance is the best way that I am able to describe the pieces presented on September 20th for the Spring/Summer 2015 Ready to Wear collection. Giorgio Armani, born July 11, 1934, is particularly noted for his menswear collection. Known for his clean lines and beautiful tailoring, he opened Giorgio Armani S.p.A., on July 24, 1975 presenting his first Spring/Summer Ready-to-Wear Collections in October of the same year. Throughout the years Giorgio Armani has proved to beRead More →

With New York Fashion Week still flooding my senses, it was hard to choose what I wanted to take a look back at for Throwback Thursday. So I thought of something timeless, the wrap dress. We all know what it looks like: the deep v-neck, long sleeves and sitting just above the knee with the wrap tie placed right at the waist. What started out as a shirt and skirt turned into an iconic go-to style that flatters any woman.Read More →

With New York Fashion Week in full swing, the sensory overload of upcoming fabrics, silhouettes and colors for the Spring 2015 season is causing my heart to stop (in a good way). I don’t always play favorites but The Row proved that their love for oversized silhouettes will never fade. This collection wasn’t made for emphasizing the feminine figure, with the covered up shoulders, mid-length skirts and the oversized cross body sitting perfectly on the front of the hip The Row made it to enchant and make women think of how clothing moves while in motion.Read More →