Working in the fashion industry can have it’s challenges.  Unfortunately, for those that have been doing it awhile staying creative is a big one.  This is especially true in this numbers driven economy where it can feel like design comes second.  While we love when our design services take on the more inspirational aspects, many clients lean on us for the time consuming tasks that can quickly absorb those creative juices.  After all, how many times can you make it the same but different!

If you are feeling overwhelmed by a never ending to do list and understaffed department, it might be time to outsource.  Bringing freelancers in house is one way to handle it.  We’ve got another.

JLD-Studios is your freelance alternative for apparel design and textile development.  We can take on 1 sketch or 50.  So you don’t have to worry about booking a full day or week of our design services.  Our billing is project driven.  Most new clients start with a flat rate knowing they have the flexibility to change over to hourly for small edits or more consistent design needs.

Here is a quick list of some of our most utilized design services:technical design servicesDesign Services - Textiles

– Garment Sketches
– Stitch Details
– Embellishment Placement Sketches
– Trim Development
– Line Sheets

CAD & Print Design
– Colorway Options
– Repeats
– Digitizing
Print cleaning / color separation

– Construction Detail Sketches
– Specs

Another benefit that separates us from freelance designers is our flexible staff.  If one person is on vacation, we have other designers knowledgeable about your product line to step in. So you never see the design gap.

Plus we pride ourselves on communication!  Most of our clients are remote and that has never been a problem.  Though email, phone conversation, and Skype meetings we are able to clearly communicate and get the job done.

What are you waiting for? Give our design services a try! Email today to learn more.