Whether you are trained in design or completely new to the apparel industry, starting a new brand is a daunting task.  Let’s face it, starting-up any company can be a bit fear inducing.

Don't let the fear of striking out hold you back

We’re here to help you take those first steps, but also to help navigate the wild west of the apparel industry.  Through our own experiences starting-up and working with dozens of other growing companies, we see a lot of common issues and concerns.  Throughout the development process we will address these items.  Our mission is to provide the design support you need to succeed.

We offer a free 30 min consultation to learn about your brand direction and explain the development process.  This is crucial for start-ups, but beneficial no matter how far into the development process you are.

Contact info@jld-studios.com to set up a time to your consultation.

Our website is laid out to walk you through the steps from Apparel Design onto the Garment Patterns and Small Run Manufacturing.  Work your way left to right at the top of the screen and read up on each development step.  Then give us a call to learn more about our design and manufacturing support for start-ups.

Check out our fashion industry blog for more tips and information to help you navigate the design process.  For example, do you know the different between a Colorway or Color Story?  The importance of branding?  Or what RN Numbers are?  These are just a few of the topics we have covered.  A great place to start is our series, How to Build a Fashion Line.