3.2.1… Sew

After many months of redrawing sketches, requesting protos, and exhaustive fabric research you’ve finally confirmed the line.  You’re ready to produce!  So what’s next?

A Production Checklist

At JLD-Studios we’ve seen projects come through for production at varying degrees of readiness.  Luckily as a full service manufacturer, we can help fill any gaps that may have been missed in the development process.  Before we jump right into sewing, let’s go through our checklist.

Tech pack
– Graded Patterns, digital format
– Fabric
– Trims
– Sample

If you have all these, keep on reading!  If you’re missing one or more of the above, take a minutes to check out our Development Section and email us.

Great, you have all your development organized! Next Up: quantities and timeline

In order to give pricing, we need to know how many units you plan to produce of each style and color. It’s also important to have a realistic delivery date in mind.

Now we’re ready to discuss production.  For your initial inquiry please include a description of your product, type of materials, intended quantity and timeline.  We’ll also need the tech pack and a garment sample to give price estimates.

What makes us unique?
– No minimums, on anything, ever
– Designers, patternmakers, and seamstresses all working in a shared environment
– In house sublimation printing
– Laser Cutter
– Activeseam

These are just a few of our attributes; and we think the combination makes us pretty unique.  We’re also set up with all the standard equipment to sew your product; such as sergers, coverstitch, and single needle lockstitch.  Our team takes a collaborative approach to cut and sew production as well as apparel development, making us a truly full service apparel manufacturer.

Contact JLD-Studios today to set up your Free Initial Consultation and find out how we can help bring your brand to market.