garment samples

The first set of garment samples is like breathing life into your design.  It’s the first opportunity to see the product come off the page and transform on a person.

Garment Samples occur in many stages
This includes:

– Prototype (1st, 2nd, etc)
– Size Set
– Photo Sample or Sales Sample
– Pre-Production
– Top of Production

Whether you use our patternmaking services or someone else’s, you’ll want to have a 1st proto made to test the garment pattern.  Depending on your design, we tend to do a rough proto first.  We’ll leave off pockets and any other “extras” allowing us to focus on the overall garment fit and construction. Sometimes protos are also made in a similar available fabric if your chosen fabric is very expensive or unavailable for a time.

Upon receiving the samples, you’ll address any fit issues, pocket placements, and location of unique design details.  Often times major design changes occur during this process and can take multiple revisions to get it right.

Once the proto is approved, or approved with minor adjustments, you can move on to sales or photo quality samples.  No matter where you sell your garments, you’ll want a final approved sample with all the details before going to production. They can be used for wholesale presentations, online photos, and to test production quality. Actual fabric, trims, and finishing will be used to represent how your garment will look when produced.

A size set is a group of samples made from one style to test the different sizes your garment comes in.  This is an opportunity to gather a group of friends, pour a drink, and get some real feedback on how your samples fit different sizes and body types.  While everyone has an opinion, it’s your job to narrow down to the key take-aways and communicate them to us to finalize the garment fit.

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