Our creative designer has had a love of textiles since childhood, creating doll dresses and unique patterns out of her mother’s quilting scraps.  The joy she found in printed materials helped build the foundation of JLD-Studios.  After years of envisioning and creating unique patterns, we can now see our designs truly come to life through sublimation printing.

sublimation printingIf you’re not familiar, sublimation printing is a digital form of textile printing.  It can only be done on Polyester, but not to worry ~ polyester has come a long way!!  The ink is water based and bonds to the polyester molecules in the fabric.  This prevents wash out and doesn’t inhibit the handfeel of the material.

At JLD-Studios we are always experimenting with different textures and blends of fiber to see how creative we can get with the fabric.  We’ve printed on materials containing 50% cotton and 50% polyester. Since the ink bond is with the polyester, a heathered effect was created.  We also print onto Polyester Spandex blends frequently.  Knits or wovens can easily be printed. As long as the textile contains polyester we’re game to give it a try.

No minimum order, custom artwork welcome!

Adding a printed design to your fabric can drastically change the look, which will quickly give your collection more dimension and interest.  It’s also a fantastic way to update a silhouette without redeveloping the style.  You are welcome to use your own artwork or work with our textile designers to create something new.  Here’s an example of one bike short silhouette developed into three completely different looks through sublimation print design.

Bike Shorts