As digital prints become more popular on the runways, designers are becoming more adventurous with them. Instead of literal digital images, prints can take a more ethereal and whimsical turn when they’re distorted and blurred. Blurred images of recognizable objects like flowers, a sunset, houndstooth or an ikat pattern seem more friendly and relaxed when they undergo a digital contortion. A few of our blurred patterns were featured on to represent this digital textile trend and we couldn’t be happier. A few other designers who have embraced this fantastical digital trend in recent seasons are the queen of pattern herself, Diane Von Furstenberg, Erdem,Read More →

After January’s Printsource show, JLD-Studios digital print collection received a nod on Stylesight. We were so excited to see one of our favorite prints on the cover of their trend report! If you have access to the site you can navigate to the full report coverage. Otherwise, be sure to check out the Stylesight Blog for a brief overview. Then come check us out this April at Printsource New York in the Penn Plaza Pavilion. We’ll be in booth A2 with a fresh new collection for Summer and Early Fall 2014.  Read More →

With inspiration deriving from the oceanic realm and the celestial skies and enhanced with watercolor and photographic techniques, and a focus on placements and repeats, this season’s Printsource trend watch, Mystic Waters, will have you delving into a world of beautiful hues and abstract prints. JLD-Studios will be presenting this trend next week at Printsource.   TREND Mystical auras marbled and morphed in color, watercolor techniques infused with oceanic elements and distressed texture absorbed into the real world in gorgeous blue hues are some of the key print trends we are following for the Mystic Waters collection. INSPIRATION Creating layers of the sea depths withRead More →

With inspiration deriving from fantastical imagery, layered prints from collages, a fusion of floral and paisley embodying a psychedelic pop, this season’s trend watch, Ethereal Garden, will have your wardrobe brimming with colorful life. JLD-Studios will presenting this trend next week at Printsource. TREND Overlapping symmetrical prints, distorted imagery and remnants of the Aztec culture, all immersed in a bright palette of juicy and spicy hues, are some of the key print trends we are following for this Ethereal Garden collection. INSPIRATION Surreal style and floral immersed in high-contrast hues that are large in scale and abstract in nature are all sources of inspiration forRead More →

With inspiration deriving from vintage photographs, Pearl Harbor, dainty motifs and hazy filters, this season’s trend watch; Sunset Graphic, will become ever so versatile. TREND Floral motifs, palm trees, dusty floral and vintage graphics are some of the key print trends we are following for this Sunset Graphics collection. INSPIRATION Vintage photographs, watercolor brush strokes, hazy filters and hazy images are all sources of inspiration for the sunset graphics trend. VISUAL REALITY Make sure to visit us at Printsource January 15-16, Penn Plaza Pavilion, Booth E7.  Read More →

 ** BOOTH E7 ** JLD-Studios will be attending Printsource with a brand new collection of Production Ready Prints. Deemed as the Premier Market for Surface and Textile Design in the USA, Printsource New York, is holding their first of three shows January 15-16 in New York City. Recognized as the hub for the world’s top creative talent, Printsource showcases hundreds of collections covering the apparel, home goods and paper goods industries.  So why should you stop by our booth above all others? Our ability to create newly commissioned textile print designs specific to your project stands us apart from the rest. With a fresh, seasonalRead More →

The world of design is never as easy as it looks. From customer preferences to trend forecasting all the way to the garment construction the starting of a collection process can be very tedious. However one of the most important parts of the design process is the development of Technical Illustrations. Many people may not know about this step within the design process. However the development of technical illustrations is one of the most important and key parts of the design process. You might be asking yourself “what are technical illustrations?” Here is the quick definition via, “A technical drawing or plan, rendered toRead More →

Have you ever purchased an article of clothing and felt that it just didn’t have quite a great fit or look on you? How about on the opposite, have you ever felt that it was the perfect fit and look? This emotion that the end user feels is usually brought up in the Design Illustration and Silhouette development process of creating a collection. Customer satisfaction and functionality is a great influencer when it comes to designing a garment. The designer and product developer must take into consideration what their customer desires in a specific garment. Whether it is a bicyclist wanting a back pocket onRead More →

When starting a collection the generation of a color story is very important. From the blues to gold to pinks and purples, no matter what story you choose it obvious to say that they must go well together. Whether you choose to go with a monochromatic color scheme or a complimentary, it is such an important part of the collection process. Some designers may choose to go to a picture for color inspiration; others may choose to use a series of paintings or photographs. Another great resource that a good majority of the fashion world today chooses to go through is forecasting services. They mayRead More →

Today we are launching a new blog series that takes you through the steps of creating a collection. Whether it’s the first time a company is bringing apparel to market or they are a seasoned brand, everything starts from an initial concept. From demographic info to the trend direction it all comes up in this phase of development. We decided to create a line of activewear for Spring 2014. Over the next few weeks we’ll take you through the steps of bringing this collection to life. Today we are going to ask and answer a few important questions. First we set the mood. Who isRead More →