color matching

We love working with clients remotely, it’s the digital age after all. One area that can get a bit tricky is color matching. Why? (and) What does that mean? Basically, getting the color you’re envisioning to print out, or match, your example image, swatch, or idea. One way to do this is with Pantone Color Systems. The only downfall is you really need to have the physical books. Here’s why: We visited their website and utilized the handy “Find a Pantone” Tool. This snapshot is what we could see on our screen versus the physical Living Coral page from our Pantone book. See the difference?Read More →

  It’s officially winter! That means that spring is right around the corner and we are all in a blitz to solidify our designs, fabrics, patterns, and (hopefully) getting our designs out for production. Spring 2015 emphasizes on the softer and cooler side of the color spectrum by casting bold colors as a supportive role, accenting Pantone’s® picks for SS15. Read More →

Resort wear, also known as “Cruise wear” began as a specialized clothing style, with designers creating clothes for their wealthy clients to wear on holiday. It has evolved from this, to clothes that one can wear year round, and designers now try to appeal to a much wider audience. Resort style is typically easier to wear, because of less-fussy silhouettes, and simpler textiles too. For this trend report, we’ll discuss color trends from the Resort 2015 collections. Resort 2015 is the year of opposites, as two of its biggest trends (color-wise) are so very different from each other. Resort 2015 was about bright,Read More →

How does Pantone select the color of the year? Since 1999, the “global authority on color and provider of professional color standards,” Pantone, has held a press release selecting a color to represent the following year. It is a process consisting of secret meetings, industry experts, and conceptual show and tell. Each year a collaboration of colorists and consulting companies from around the world are selected to take part in the meetings that will be deciding the color of the year. An organized theme is created that is representative of what the coming year might represent such as growth and renewal or in the case ofRead More →