Resort wear, also known as “Cruise wear” began as a specialized clothing style, with designers creating clothes for their wealthy clients to wear on holiday. It has evolved from this, to clothes that one can wear year round, and designers now try to appeal to a much wider audience. Resort style is typically easier to wear, because of less-fussy silhouettes, and simpler textiles too. For this trend report, we’ll discuss color trends from the Resort 2015 collections. Resort 2015 is the year of opposites, as two of its biggest trends (color-wise) are so very different from each other. Resort 2015 was about bright,Read More →

“There is no understanding of fashion without an understanding of fabric,” according to Clara Hancox, famed fashion journalist. This quote inspired a question at our studio, are fashion trends driven by fabrics, or are fabrics the vehicle for starting trends? It’s hard to be certain, and the answer could be a combination of both. Think about your favorite trend, then imagine what kind of textiles it would take to create that look. Body-conscious dresses that have been on-trend the last couple years requires a stretchy-spandex style fabric to achieve this look. This also leads to spandex being blended with other textiles to create new fibers.Read More →